Licenses and Laws Quick References


Marriage Licenses

Residents may apply in person at the Plantation office.  Further information is available at: Residents: Getting Married in Maine

Birth and Death Certificates

Birth and death certificates are available at the Plantation office.  Maine Vital records:  Office of Data, Research, and Vital Statistics | MeCDC | Maine DHHS

Dog Licenses

Dogs must be licensed –  Licenses are available at the Plantation office.  Further reference:

ATV & Snowmobiles

No ATV or Snowmobile traffic on public roads in Dallas Plantation. A properly registered snowmobile or ATV may be operated on a public way only the distance necessary, but in no case to exceed 500 yards, on the extreme right of the traveled way for the purpose of crossing, as directly as possible, a public way, sidewalk or culvert. Further reference: (PDF).

Discharge of a Firearm

A person may not: discharge a firearm, including a muzzle-loading firearm, or crossbow or cause a projectile to pass as a result of that discharge within 100 yards of a building or residential dwelling without the permission of the owner or, in the owner’s absence, of an adult occupant of that building or dwelling authorized to act on behalf.


Local Ordinance: Within the Loon Lake York Wildlife Sanctuary consumer fireworks are not permitted. See specific ordinance: 

State of Maine Fireworks Ordinance: Please refer to the state guidelines as the Guide for Consumer Fireworks:

Leash Law

Dogs must be licensed – Available at the town office. Further reference: and

According to 7 MRS §3911, “it is unlawful for any dog, licensed or unlicensed, to be at large, except when used for hunting.” 7 MRS §3907 defines “at large” to be “off the premises of the owner and not under the control of any person whose personal presence and attention would reasonably control the conduct of the animal.” Further reference:

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