Town of Dallas Plantation
436 Dallas Hill Road
Dallas Plantation
Rangeley, ME 04970-0460

Mailing Address:
PO Box 460
Rangeley ME 04970

Phone:  207-864-5991
Fax:  207-864-9965


Emergency Services:

In an emergency call 911

911 Address Number Sign – Display your Plantation issued blue and white street number sign at the intersection of driveway and road or on house/structure if no more than 50 feet from road and visible from the street. New construction will be assigned a street number by the addressing officer. 911 address number signs are available from the town office.

Sheriff: 207-778-2680
Non-emergency Fire: 207-864-3800
Ambulance: 207-864-0938
State Police: 800-452-4664
Game Warden: 800-452-4664
Rangeley Family Medicine: 207-864-3303
Franklin Memorial Hospital (Farmington) 800-398-6031
CMP Power Outage Report: 800-696-1000

Rangeley Family Medicine located at 42 Dallas Hill Rd. provides medical services and has an assortment of medical equipment available to loan for those in need. Contact their office at 864-3303.

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