The Plantation provides winter plowing & maintenance for Plantation local roads only. Homeowners must keep the right of way clear of obstructions during the winter months.  Plowing across the public way is illegal.

No ATV or Snowmobile traffic on public roads in Dallas Plantation. A properly registered snowmobile or ATV may be operated on a public way only the distance necessary, but in no case to exceed 500 yards, on the extreme right of the traveled way for the purpose of crossing, as directly as possible, a public way, sidewalk or culvert.  Further reference:

Road Permits

Any work requiring excavation of any sort that involves a Town maintained road requires an entrance permit.  This includes new driveways, culverts, drainage pipes, etc.  The permit must be presented to the Board of Assessors for review to be considered complete. These permits must be obtained at the Town Office prior to the start of the project.

Town Owned & Maintained Roads

  • Harold Ross Road
  • Orris Lamb Road
  • Lyle Road
  • Dallas Hill Road (from the intersection of Saddleback Mt. Rd to Saddleback Lake Lodge)
  • Saddleback Mt. Rd. to Dallas/Sandy River town line
  • Loon Lake Road from Dallas/Rangeley town line to snowplow turnaround
  • Gull Pond Road to the intersection of Switzer Rd.
  • Redington Rd, from Rte 16 to Navy Gate
  • Bachelder Lane to gate

Road Postings:


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