Permits & Policies


Building Permits

The Maine Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC) serves as the planning and zoning authority for Dallas Plantation. Building permits are processed by LUPC. Applications are available online or at the Plantation office. Several brochures and fact sheets are available on the LUPC web site to help you with your application including About your LUPC Permit, Accessory Structures, Buying and Selling Property, Structure Height and more.

Plumbing/Septic Permits

Plumbing and Septic Permits are processed by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Subsurface Wastewater Program (not LUPC). Permit applications are available at the Plantation office, or online: (PDF).

Septic Permits require a completed HHE-200 design form, completed by a Maine Certified Site Evaluator.

If you have any questions regarding your plumbing permit please contact Paul Ferguson-Packard at 207-670-5093 or email

Entrance/Driveway Permit

New driveways onto a public road require a permit.  Application for Entrance (PDF).

Dallas Hill Road up to the Saddleback Mountain Rd. intersection is a State Aid Road, an entrance permit application can be found here:  Driveway- Reg 3revised.doc.pdf ( (PDF)

Burn Permits

Please bear in mind conditions are very changeable in our area and the fire warden will make the best possible decision in determining the feasibility of a permit.

Burn permits are available at the Plantation office, online at Maine Open Burn Permit (, or through the Rangeley Fire Department when the office is closed. 

Ordinances – Fireworks

Local Ordinance: 

Restricting Vehicle Weight on Posted Ways click here (PDF).

Winter Parking Ordinance on all public ways in Dallas Plantation. To view Ordinance click here (PDF).

Within the Loon Lake York Wildlife Sanctuary consumer fireworks are not permitted. To view Ordinance click here (PDF).

State of Maine Fireworks Ordinance: 

Please refer to the state guidelines as the Guide for Consumer Fireworks: .

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